Throat Chakra Tea contains:  Green appleginger-lemon, citrus,green tea, white tea, chamomile and honey powder.


Instructions: Add 1 tablespoon to hot water and stir well.  Add sweetner to taste.  


Throat Chakra  is associated with you ability to communicate and express yourself verbally.  Emotionally you feel empowered to communicate your truths and verbally express your feelings/thought or concerns.  Physically you experience sensations or stimulations in thyroid gland, respiratory system, teeth, trachea, and vocal cords.  When balanced you easily express yourself and  your truth(s) with confidence, and creativity flows.  When out of balance; you can't express self,  you feel timid, dependent, and are afraid of public speaking.


The Throat Chakra tea is designed to help you become balanced in harmony with this energy source.


*Please honey powder may cause tea to appear clumpy; simply crumble to fit in tea bag or strainer or steep in hot water.

Throat Chakra Tea