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Root Chakra Tea contains:  Chamomile,green tea, ginger ceylon white tea, and  honey powder.


Instructions: Add 1 tablespoon to hot water and stir well.  Add sweetner to taste.  


Root Chakra is associated with your foundation, safety,  and survival.  Emotionally you feel a sense of belonging, independence,  and survival.  Physically you experience sinsations in your spine, bladder, blood, lower limbs, and reproductive organs.  When balanced you feel; independent, trusting, grounded, poised, and full of life.  When out of balance you feel; fearful, frustrated, shy, unsure, and possibly sexually inadequate. 


The Root Chakra tea is designed to help you become balanced in harmony with this energy source.


*Please honey powder may cause tea to appear clumpy; simply crumble to fit in tea bag or strainer or steep in hot water.

Root Chakra Tea

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