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The Healing & Revealing Women’s Wellness centre' is designed to take a holistic approach to uplifting women. We aim to support  women of every age, race, and nationality. We want women to feel good and comfortable in their skin.


We provide women with alternative therapies to help heal their body, mind, and soul.   Our specialty is offering women  various healing modalities and treatments which expand the mind, heal the soul, and transform the body. Each session starts with a quick assessment which analyzes the mind and body for any blocks and obstacles hindering life experiences and or breakthroughs.  The goal for each client is a balanced life where they are in flow and harmony with their life and have the ability to "bounce back" from any situation.

Most women are not aware of the many feelings, resentments and past experiences that are holding them back from living their best life.  We would like to encourage EVERY women to tak the free confidential assessment without any obligations for treatment or services.

Here are three (3) ways to get started

Option 1:  Book a free Consultation

Option 2:  Take the Assessment

Option 3:  Select the Treatment

Our centre offers a completely unique approach to total wellness; each body treatment is accompanied with complimentary healing treatment or alternative modality.  Ask about the details.  Book a free consultation TODAY!

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